The Kunsthalle Effect

The 2013–14 inaugural series of ERC Keynote Lectures considers the histories and contemporary relevance of the Kunsthalle – or non-collecting contemporary art space. Since the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Kunsthalles have played host to some of the most radical curatorial interventions by directors, curators and artists. The highly adaptable model has become an essential reference point and source of inspiration for museums as they reassess their function as keepers of objects and tradition.

Focusing on their respective experiences as founders and/or directors of Kunsthalle-type spaces across Europe and North America, the five speakers in the series will position the Kunsthalle effect in historical, physical and theoretical perspective.

Speakers include:

Maria Lind (27 March 2013)
Alanna Heiss (18 April 2013)
Mihnea Mircan (26 September 2013)
Adelina von Fürstenberg (8 November 2013)
Jürgen Harten (30 January 2014)