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Bar and Book Launch Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, Tuesday 10 June 2014 BAR VULKAN staged The Living Bar to launch the book Please Come to the Show edited by David Senior and published by Occasional Papers. A dazzling array of speakers stepped up to the bar

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Bar and Bottle Launch Exhibition Research Centre, Liverpool, Thursday 15 May 2014 To mark the last week of Please Come to the Show, the ERC was honoured to host Berlin-based BAR VULKAN for a memorable performance entitled Flaschenpost Fuer Unbekannte Finder in einer

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Re-Performance Exhibition Research Centre, Liverpool, Tuesday 21 January 2014 As part of the launch of PERSONA magazine co-edited by Melissa Gordon and Marina Vishmidt, artists Chris Evans and Rosalind Nashashibi – under the direction of Jessica Wiesner – re-presented East Coast, West Coast, first

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CS Leigh

That First Camera No Longer Exists Tate Modern, London, Friday 3 May 2013 A new performance by C.S. Leigh as part of his exhibition ‘In Camera’ at the ERC, referencing the history of the Nouvelle Vague and the aesthetic and practical

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Jacques Charlier

Video of Opening of ‘Photographs of Openings’ Exhibition Research Centre, Liverpool, Wednesday 30 January 2013 For the opening of his exhibition of ‘Photographs of Openings’ – the ERC’s inaugural opening – conceptual artist Jacques Charlier takes us on a tour

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